There's P.R.O.O.F. in Mythick
Mythick county's Preservation Restoration Of Oddities Forever
Willey Phinedit

Come November you will find the Peanokio Harbor Angler's Known Enthusiastically as fisherman down at their secret deep hole jigging for fur bearing trout! The members of P.H.A.K.E. as fisherman all are experts in using the red H handle green line drop lines that are so often used to jig for a pair of Fur bearing Trout. This special species appears nowhere else in the world except in the deep spring fed waters of Hada Cold Pond at the base of Mount Ahorse in Mythick county Maine.

When the glaciers moved on through Mythick County carving the granite and leaving their mark on the landscape often deposits were made. There is a piece of ice in Hada cold pond said to be a part of one of those glaciers and divers have reported dinosaurs intact frozen there in the ice. It is there that the trout have stayed so cold they still have fur to cover the light brown and gold stripes keeping them a warm pink because the never had the opportunity to evolve!

As you probably already know if you are an angler from away, Maine has some pretty diverse fishing rules. Some ponds and lakes you can Fly-Fish only, the length and daily take may vary, bait and lures can change from pond to pond and season to season. Furbearing Trout is no exception and by far has the most confusing rules associated with in the sport of Angling. Always check your rule book first when fishing in Maine.

If you catch just one you have to throw it back! Catch and release applies to these rare fish unless you have caught a pair and they are to be the length of your feet. Not your friends but yours; the wardens carry a Brannock Device to check your foot right at the pond. A Brannock Device is that shoe store measuring contraption to guarantee comfort and a sure fit but in this case it might just measure how wrong you were not to throw a fish back.

Once you have a pair you will need to gut them, turn them inside out and cook the meat slowly over an open fire. When the delicate meat is all eaten and completely gone you will need to continue to brown them over the fire in good shape because the fur that was out and is now in will be soft and warm, while the innerards which are now the outers need to be tough as leather. Once they have cooled down some not to cause burns slip them on your feet. Now that is a great pair of slippers and they are keepers for sure.

Along with your Coon Skin hat and deer gloves you have some comfortable camp wear.

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