There are a many different stories of the origin of the Fur-Bearing Trout, below are the most sited.

Once plentiful, the Fur-Bearing Trout has been hunted almost into extinction. Its exotic nature, combined with its curative properties, has made it extremely valuable on the black market. Because of the scarcity of this fish, the actual origin may never be known but clearer minds believe that the evolution of the fur was more out of survival than happenstance.

On Monsters and Marvels [written by Ambroise Pare (1510 - 1590AD)]

Hicken’s Fur-Bearing Trout [excerpt from Montana Wildlife, May 1929]

The Fur-Bearing Trout [as retold by S.E. Schlosser, Date Unkown]

Furry Fin Flappers and Pelted Piscatorial Prizes [Puebloan Cheiftan, November 1938]

The Canadian "Hairy" Trout [Takeshi Yamada, 2004]

There's P.R.O.O.F. in Mythick County [tales from Willey Phinedit]

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